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3 Steps Plus Jawline Exercises To Lose A Double Chin & Chubby Cheeks

Jawline Exercises - Before and After
Have you ever wondered if there are jawline exercises that you can do to help get rid of that double chin? Are your cute chubby cheeks not so cute anymore?

Well, the good news is yes, you can perform facial exercises to improve your look, profile and get a slimmer neck, however, there are a few other steps you will need to perform to really see a difference.


Before we get into the exercises that will improve the look of your jawline, we must dig a little deeper into our bodies.

Step 1 - Rid Your Body Of Toxins Before Worrying About Jawline Exercises


Back in my early twenties, long before the thought of needing jawline exercises, I often found myself going out to bars and clubs to enjoy the exploits of my youth. My friends and I always danced the night away, often working up quite a good sweat. I always assumed that by sweating, I'd lose the water under my skin and have a much firmer looking face, neck and body.

Yet whenever I went into the bathroom at one of these clubs I would look in horror at the mirror. It seemed like my face had actually swollen and my cheeks were bigger. It was like they were fun house mirrors trying to play a trick on me! I should have realized it, but it was the alcohol in my system that was causing my face to swell.

If you are serious about firming up your face and losing the double chin you have to get the toxins out of your system. Yes, alcohol is something you should cut back on or eliminate in any body shrinking program.

It will also be necessary to reduce your intake of salt, cut out foods high in preservatives, and focus on drinking plenty of water to flush the toxins out of your body. Drinking acai berry, blueberry or cranberry juices or supplements can help speed the toxin reduction process.

Step 2 - Eat A Clean Diet


I can already hear the skeptics out there saying, "If I wanted to lose weight I would have typed into Google weight loss not jawline exercises or get a slimmer neck... I already know losing weight will get rid of my double chin." 

Foods To Improve Your Jawline
Yes, if you are overweight and begin a weight loss program you will lose fat all over your body, including your face. However, I'm sure you have also seen men and women in great shape who still struggle with a fat neck or chubby cheeks. Maybe this is your situation, in any case many of us out there struggle with this issue. 

By eating clean we are continuing the process of step 1. We are continuing to cleanse our bodies with healthy nourishing food that will not add toxins to our body. A great dietary program (notice I don't call it a calorie restrictive diet) that meets these guidelines is this paleo nutrition program. You eat organic foods free of pesticides and unhealthy fillers including lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and lean meats. As a bonus you will also lose weight by following this type of regiment!

Step 3 - Now It's Time For Jawline Exercises


Ever hear the saying, "it takes 26 muscles to smile and 62 muscles to frown?" That little saying reminds us that our faces are made up of muscles. What happens to your body when you exercise? It firms up. Well guess what happens to your face when you do jawline exercises... It also firms up. Don't worry, we are not going to be doing any facial bodybuilding, only toning.

After your first time of trying the exercises below, you will believe that they will work! Just don't over do it at first.

The First 2 Jawline Exercises 


1) Bite and Roll - This firms up your jawline improving your profile. With this one you push out your bottom jaw so that your lower teeth extend past your upper teeth. Bite your lower teeth gently into your upper lip. Hold. Now tilt your chin to your chest for 10 second, then to your right shoulder for 10 seconds, your left shoulder for 10 seconds and finally back to your chest for 10 more seconds. The entire time you should be lightly biting your upper lip.

 Video Courtesy Of Face Fitness Center

2) Jawsome - This firms up a saggy neck and double chin. Curl your hands into loose fists and place them under your chin. Your pinky fingers of each hand should be touching. Push down with your chin into your fists for 10 seconds. Relax. separate your fist so there is a couple of inches between your pinky fingers. Your fists will now be under your jaw. Push down for 10 seconds.

 Video Courtesy Of Face Fitness Center

 These two jawline exercises are a good start to get you on the path of having a much more defined jawline and reduce the sag in your neck. However, this is only the beginning. For a complete 30 day step by step video guided program that will get rid of your double chin, chubby cheeks and saggy neck, you will want to go here.

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